You Can Save A Life.
Together, We Can Make It Happen.

Goal #1:

300 People Signed Up for Email Notification of Naxos OD Launch

 In order to effectively roll out the app and have responders and requestors ready to go, we have to quickly notify community members that the app is ready to launch and is available for download.

 Help us reach this goal:

  • Sign up here to be notified when the app is ready to download.



Goal #2:

100 Potential Responder Feedback Surveys Completed

For those interested in exploring responder training, we want to know what thoughts, concerns, and needs you have. It’s OK if you’re not sure about being a responder. We want to offer resources that will help you feel safe and confident about saving lives. Tell us what you need.

 Help us reach this goal:

  • If you are curious about responder training, fill out the survey.



Goal #3:

300 Community Members Trained in Naloxone Administration

In order to launch Naxos OD, we need 300 trained community responders across St. Joseph County who have naloxone (Narcan) and completed the required training.

 Help us reach this goal:

  • If you are curious about being a responder, sign up for naloxone training. No commitment is required. We encourage all community members to learn more about how to identify an opioid overdose and to administer naloxone.
  • Share the link to the naloxone training page on social media and tag us @NaxosOD.

Goal #4:

100 Donations of $5 or more

We are in need of financial assistance to launch Naxos OD. However, more important than the amount raised is the demonstrated community support that comes from your willingness to put your own money on the line for our cause. Help us show potential donors that you believe Naxos OD can save lives.

 Help us reach this goal:

  • Donate starting at $5 on our website.
  • Share the link to our donation page on social media and tag us @NaxosOD.

Goal #5:

Recruit 20 Naxos OD Volunteers

We would like to create a group of volunteers willing to help us at special events. We also are always in search of people willing to volunteer their knowledge or skills in marketing, social media, app development or other areas.

Help us reach this goal: